Get available UTXOs for a given set of addresses

    let addresses = [
        new Address("kaspatest:qz7ulu4c25dh7fzec9zjyrmlhnkzrg4wmf89q7gzr3gfrsj3uz6xjceef60sd")
    let utxos_by_address = await rpc.getUtxosByAddresses({ addresses });

Create a UTXO collection from the received UTXO set and select UTXOs needed for a transaction

    let utxoSet = UtxoSet.from(utxos_by_address);
    let amount = 1000n;
    let utxo_selection = await, UtxoOrdering.AscendingAmount);

UtxoSet is a custom collection designed to efficiently handle sorted collections of UTXOs.

Specify destination amounts and create a transaction

    let change_address = new Address("kaspatest:qz7ulu4c25dh7fzec9zjyrmlhnkzrg4wmf89q7gzr3gfrsj3uz6xjceef60sd");
    let output = new Output(
        new Address("kaspatest:qz7ulu4c25dh7fzec9zjyrmlhnkzrg4wmf89q7gzr3gfrsj3uz6xjceef60sd"),

    let outputs = new Outputs([output])
    let priorityFee = 1500;
    let tx = createTransaction(utxo_selection, outputs, change_address, priorityFee);