Integration Overview

This section provides a basic overview of Kaspa from the standpoint of integration.

Wallet Address Derivation

Address HD Derivation Paths used by Kaspa wallets are BIP-0032 compatible, using the following derivation path:

m / purpose' / coin_type' / account' / change / address_index
  • Single signers use purpose value 44'
  • Multi-signers use purpose value 45'
  • The coin type value is 111111'
  • KDX and wallets used a different derivation path of 972', which is now deprecated.


Transaction constraints are measured using a custom mass units as well as serialized byte sizes. For detailed overview please see the Transactions section.

RPC and UTXO aggregation

To get access to UTXOs, you need to use getUtxosByAddress() API call and register for UtxosChangedNotification updates. To enable this functionality, the kaspad node needs to be started with UTXO index enabled.

DAA Score

DAA (Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm) score is used as time measurement units in Kaspa (similar to "block height" in Bitcoin).


Kaspa does not support WIF (Wallet Import Format) as Kaspa wallets use XPrv or a seed/mnemonic for wallet import and export.

Other Common Parameters

Below, you will find some parameters that are commonly used in multi-coin wallets:

name = Kaspa
unit = KAS

// Derivation parameters
SingleSignerPurpose = 44
MultiSigPurpose = 45
CoinType = 111111

// KaspaMainnetPrivate is the version that is used for
// kaspa mainnet bip32 private extended keys.
// Ecnodes to xprv in base58.
const KaspaMainnetPrivate = [4] byte {

// KaspaMainnetPublic is the version that is used for
// kaspa mainnet bip32 public extended keys.
// Encodes to kpub in base58.
const KaspaMainnetPublic = [4] byte {

const (
    // PubKey addresses always have the version byte set to 0.
    pubKeyAddrID = 0x00

    // PubKey addresses always have the version byte set to 1.
    pubKeyECDSAAddrID = 0x01

    // ScriptHash addresses always have the version byte set to 8.
    scriptHashAddrID = 0x08

// Map from strings to Bech32 address prefix constants for parsing purposes.
const stringsToBech32Prefixes = map[string] Bech32Prefix {
    "kaspa":     Bech32PrefixKaspa,
    "kaspadev":  Bech32PrefixKaspaDev,
    "kaspatest": Bech32PrefixKaspaTest,
    "kaspasim":  Bech32PrefixKaspaSim,